Cuddeback Trail Camera : Very Easy To Use

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By Jenn Jamie

Cuddeback Trail Camera

Cuddeback Trail Camera Bear Safe X2 3112 is protective case for No Flash X2 1152 features or else Expert X2 1149 of Cuddeback Cameras. Avoid any damage to the Trail Camera that is caused by curiosity of hungry bear. The bears are known to chew up the Trail Cameras while bait scent is by chance attached to them. Cuddeback Bear Safe X2 3112 ensure bare cannot scratch your camera. Bear Safe X2 will as well double as mounting tool in the areas without bears. Check the previous model of Bear Safe for a compatibility with some other Cuddeback Cameras.

Specifications for the Cuddeback Camera Protection Bare X2 3112:


Compatibility with the Cuddeback Trail Camera: No Flash X2 Expert X2 Functions of Cuddeback Trail Camera Bear Safe X2 3112: Heavy-duty Metal area

Capture good quality images day and night with No Flash! This camera output delivers good color images at day & switches to the invisible infrared flash during night that will not frighten or else spook the wildlife. Camera system as well features EZ Mode for an easy operation, time of day operation, time-lapse mode, and heat in motion sensitivity adjustment. Theft Stop password protection also deters theft & tampering and uses Compact Flash card.

Cuddeback No Flash takes 3 mega pixel color photos at daylight & 1.3 mega pixel black and white images at darkness. In case there is not any enough light to expose an image, the infrared light are used to illuminate image. Cuddeback No Flash will as well record the video clips at daylight & darkness.

Does traditional flash spook deer? Debate might never be settled. In case you do not want to take chance, Cuddeback NoFlash is all for you. By the way, NO Flash takes same good color images as Cuddeback Expert. However, by night, it just switches over to the infrared. Our infrared flash is also invisible and compact design with day & night video clips. Simpler access to a Compact Flash card. Faster trigger speed, and longer battery life.

Does traditional flash spook deer? Debate might never be settled and if you do not want to take a chance, then Cuddeback is for you. NO Flash takes same great images as Cuddeback Expert. However, by night, it will switch over to the infrared and, infrared flash is invisible. The compact design. Day & night video clips. Simple access to a Compact Flash card. Quicker trigger speed, and no longer battery life.

The detail & clarity of high performance 4.0 mega pixel digital cam and a range of easy to use characteristic make this valuable scouting device for use before & during this season. Long range flash will help to capture the clear images from 45-ft. The auto flash makes sure flash fires in low light conditions. 3 image & 2 video settings allow you select the resolution. Every image is stamped with date, time, and location. Also 16MB of an internal memory gives lots of storage for images. Supports up to 4GB-SD card. Laser allows you see & test targeted area and one second delay. Needs six D -cell batteries for 60 days of the battery life and can also be used with the rechargeable D cell batteries. Cuddeback gives you and color by day, invisible infrared by night. Does traditional spook deer?

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