Digital Salvaging In Centerville Iowa


Digital Salvaging in Centerville Iowa


Jenna Finch

CENTERVILLE Most computer users have experienced the sinking feeling of losing valuable files. But Steve Kozak might be able to fix that.


In February 2010, Kozak started his business, Digital Salvaging, which does data recovery, digital investigations, computer repair and networking. He hopes eventually to focus solely on data recovery and digital investigations. Kozak, who graduated from Centerville High School in 1998, went on to graduate with a degree in digital forensics from Champlain College in Burlington, Vt. Kozak specializes in recovering lost files, from files that were accidentally deleted to hard drives that fail and have to be rebuilt. The hardest challenge he has faced so far was recovering data from a computer that was in a fire. Kozak, who is also a volunteer firefighter, noticed the computer at a business that had had a fire. He later went back to the business owners, asked if they needed the data from the computer, and performed the recovery. Kozak performs computer/hard drive investigation using his digital forensics skills. He is available for private investigations as well as business investigations. If a business suspects inappropriate Internet use I can get in there [and] find out what websites theyve gone to, Kozak said. If somebody thinks they have a spouse thats cheating on them, he can inspect computer files including instant messaging logs to look for evidence. Sharon Burch who is an author, professional speaker and clinician was starting to think the files from her business were gone for good after her Mac crashed. Everyone she talked to said the process would cost thousands of dollars and there was no guarantee of success. Then she heard about Kozaks business. He had it done in a week, and not for thousands of dollars, Burch said. Burch is an entrepreneur gaining fame for the creation of a new education method and the associated character Freddie the Frog and the associated books and stuffed animal products that are taking off around the globe. I think I said I love you to Kozak after she got her files back, Burch recounted with a laugh. Your whole business is on your computer and it just crashed. Its worth every penny. Kozak charges for data recovery by the size of the hard drive. His website,, lists prices for services. He works with businesses and government agencies but, most Digital Salvaging customers have been private individuals. He also works with insurance companies as some work is covered by insurance policies in situations like fires. He encouraged interested individuals to contact their insurers to see whether they need an additional rider for such coverage. Kozak plays a significant role in his rural community. He created a Christmas light and sound display that could be heard in passing cards on what happens to be the nations largest town square. Centerville Bright Lights and Seasonal Sounds, was a huge hit drawing tourists from surrounding communities. He is planning more this year. Those driving or walking around the square at night could enjoy a display of lights that blinked in time with Christmas carols playing on 89.3 FM. The Digital Salvaging office is located on the second floor of the Bradley Bank Building at 307 N. 13th St. on the Centerville Square. Kozak is part of an intellectual small business incubator.

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