Characteristics Of Effective Import Export Erp Software

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Characteristics Of Effective Import Export ERP Software



If you re in the import export business, you know better than anyone just how complicated an industry it is. From securing adequate inventory of product to delivery and shipping problems to coping with language barriers and much more, this complex business presents challenges for even longtime industry veterans.

When making decisions about how your business can operate in the most effective way possible, be sure not to overlook the crucial role that import export software can play in making your company successful. The myriad of problems and challenges that plague your business each and every working day can be greatly minimized by the right ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.

Some of the first ERP products were introduced in the 1980s. At that early stage, when business computer use was comprised primarily of personal computers, a company called Macola launched a series of individual software modules that were intended to automate the often time-consuming, human-error-prone accounting and finance functions. Later, in the 1990s, those products evolved into modules designed for large-scale computer systems. Soon afterward Macola was purchased by Exact, and from that union came a family of Exact Macola ERP software products that were introduced to provide business solutions for companies of all sizes.


Today s ERP software choices reach far beyond Exact Macola. In fact, you ll find a huge selection of software available from many different companies, each of which is designed to streamline and automate even the most complicated business. When you re in the process of selecting the right ERP import export software for your company, it s important to look for the following characteristics:

The ability to track product inventory across the globe

The capability to forecast product demand and recommend optimal purchase quantity of product

The ability to ensure that your product is promptly delivered to customers

The capability to provide landing cost support

The capacity to eliminate language barrier problems

The ability to create a future inventory delivery schedule and forecast future delivery problems.

From their very inception, ERP products seemed to be the perfect solution to the many challenges and problems faced by the import export industry. Today s software packages automate virtually every aspect of business: finance and accounting, sales and marketing, inventory management and distribution, logistics, human resources and much more. Before deciding which ERP product is right for your business, talk to representatives from the company that manufactures the software product. Make sure they understand the import export business thoroughly, as well as the unique situations that companies in this industry face every working day. Only ERP manufacturers and distributors that truly understand the import export industry can recommend the software that will be the most benefit to your company.

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