Disk Replacement Surgery An Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain is a common affliction that all people experience once in the lifetime. Sometimes the same pain may develop into chronic pain which is difficult to cure. It is a widespread problem in the United States. As such, severe back ache becomes a leading cause of disability in numerous Americans.

Several medications are recommended to tackle the affliction in people but none provide effective results. Recently, doctors have developed a new method that can relieve the problem effectively.

Disk replacement surgery is the medical terminology for the advanced new method that chiefly employs artificial disk replacement. This specific treatment method is beneficial for quickly relieving acute back ache in the sufferers.

This latest artificial disk replacement treatment for back ache is similar to normal knee joint replacement method in orthopedic surgery. In this, a mechanical device is substituted with a disk replacement specifically designed for an intervertebral disk in the spine. The device replaces the damaged and degenerated disk to reinstates motion to the spinal cord. In the other words, these kinds of mechanical devices help stimulate and correct spinal function in the humans.


Over the years, it has emerged out as a powerful surgical method to best treat low back pain without pills and injections. This premium technology in Europe has been used for a decade but in the U.S. it was finally approved by FDA in 2004. Meanwhile, a number of artificial disk replacement designs were developed and tested for performance in the medical industry.

The disk design primarily consists of the nucleus as well as the annulus which is in the analytical stage to ensure high level of performance and efficacious results. In some cases, the entire design replaces the outer ring, also called annulus with a mechanical device that further improves the function of the spine.

The other designs available in the range are unique and are made as per proven medical guidelines. Each disk design efficiently meets the function & size of any common intervertebral disk that is extensively used in the treatment of low back pain in the hospitals.

Most disks used are fabricated with metal, while others are incorporated, using both plastic as well as metal that are commonly found in joint replacements designed for knee and hip. The other materials such high quality titanium alloy or cobalt chromium and polyethylene, a medical grade plastic are also used in the product design.

Moreover, the process of surgical implantation is similar to an anterior lumbar interbody fusion which involves a small incision in the abdomen area. This particular procedure moves aside the blood vessels & the organs to help the surgeon easily access the spine without shifting the nerves. This treatment is recommended to those candidates who have undergone the following tests like x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), discography and CAT or CT scan (computed tomography). These tests determine the source of pain in the sufferer’s body.

After disk replacement surgery, patients usually recover within few weeks. This specific disk replacement surgery with artificial disk replacement is found very useful for lower back pain treatment and thus minimizes the problem of spinal disability in people to a great extent.

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