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By Daren Singh

The popularity of iPod Touch has rapidly increased over a couple of years. In earlier days, it was considered to be just a device that will offer you favorite music. However this is not that case today. ipod has definitely risen from just being a music player. It serves many other purposes. Apart from being just a music player, it can work for you as a mobile gaming machine. With ipod Touch, you would definitely experience an all new level of gaming experience.

The multi-touch screen of ipod Touch is quite impressive. It facilitates users to get as creative as they want when playing the game. Such is the beauty of functionality and flexibility of ipod Touch. You can do a lot more than just than relying on buttons. If you are a game developer, it would be easy for you to create virtual buttons on the screen. These can change as per the requirements of a specific game. These can also change with the stage of the game.

iPod Touch also comes equipped with an “accelerometer”. This is a wonderful feature as it facilitates the device to determine the direction it is being held. The feature also allows ipod touch to detect as it gets moved. For instance, when you play a car race game, you will be able to steer the car via tilting the device back and forth. This helps you in enjoying practical gaming experience which is not possible when playing with directional buttons.


Now what is the way to get some of the interesting games on the device? The process is really easy. All you require doing is to App Store by Apple. It is included on your iPod Touch at the time of purchase. The purple icon available on the home screen is the App Store. Just tap this icon to move to the App Store.

The application may be referred to as a “store” but everything you want from here is free. Yes! All the games that you want from here are free. It is possible to browse through some excellent games via choosing varied categories as per your specific requirements. Everything you want under the category of games can be found here. Try out some exciting puzzle games, action games, word games and a lot more from App Store. You just need to mention the category you want to play a game in. There is no limit here.

The best thing to do is to search for games under the category of recently released ones. You can also find your favorite games under the most popular category. An interesting games section has been introduced by Apple. Here they emphasize on games they feel are notable. You may even browse for most popular games in the store.

Once you have decided on a game that appeals to you, just read the explanation, have a close look at screenshots and go through reviews. Now tap download button. You would get your game within a few seconds on your ipod Touch’s home screen and start playing.

About the Author: Daren Singh likes to keep up with the latest trends in electronic gadgets, music, and ringtones.

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