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A few lucky graduate students find their thesis topics early in their graduate years, but some search for the right ones for long and fail to settle on one. Some wait until the time comes to write the thesis. You may fall into the last two categories, and you are eager about knowing how to come up with good thesis writing topics, read on!

First, selecting topics for thesis is not a tough job; it can be an exciting task for you. Yes, many students see it as a daunting task, but it is not when you understand what is expected from as you select a topic for your thesis and discover the necessary steps to find one.

Second, it can be very helpful to choose a broad subject area at first. As you read and research that subject, you will narrow down toward a thesis topic. Advice from your instructors and advisors is priceless during this thesis writing process.

Third, begin by brainstorming and doing some free-writing exercises to get your mind moving in the right direction. Talk to others about your subject and know their opinions on the same. Now it is time to narrow down the subject to research level, and form a question that you can answer through your thesis writing.

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Now you have a question or specific angle with which you conduct your research. Lets move onto the next part, you know how to land on a suitable thesis topic, but you need reference, here we present 20 thesis topics for different disciplines.

Thesis writing topics for Education:

Is there any correlation about healthier diet positively affecting students grades?

Does obesity affect students intelligence or school performance?


How can teachers address the issues of different ways of students learning?

Do the students who participate in sports teams have better or worse grades?

Thesis writing topics for Psychology:

Synaptic interactomes and neurological diseases: a closer look at Neurexin

Exploring the casual beliefs of at-risk individual with a family history of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Memory control interactions influence are the congruency sequence effect

Cholinergic highs and lows: A genetic link to attention function?

Thesis writing topics for English Literature:

Visions of nature: Wordsworth and eighteenth century poetic imagination

Love and loss in Thomas Hardys poems 1912-13

George Elliot and religious doubt

The importance of costume in the works of Dickens

Thesis writing topics for Marketing:

The potential of Facebook as a fundraising tool for disaster relief for non-government organizations

The relationship between brand forgiveness and brand equity in service brand context

Customer engagement and the new media: implications for the cosmetic industry

Organizational crises and the development of scandal management

Thesis writing topics for Law:

Critically discuss the homicide reform, the law Commissions report, principles and proposals

Critically discuss the (country) Governments proposal on the amendments to the law on provocation

Lex Marcatoria in England and Wales as choice of law for commercial arbitration proceedings

A discussion of European Union Sale of Goods Legislation and its place within the UK.

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