Four Signs That You Need Representation For A Claim Of Bad Faith Insurance In Rapid City, Sd

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If you have been in an accident and cannot collect from the insurance company, you may have a case called a “bad faith insurance” claim. This simply means the insurance company has failed to make good on the promises it was expected to deliver in circumstances of claims. Because the insurance company is not just going to roll over and give you the money, you will have to hire a lawyer who handles bad faith insurance claims. An attorney in South Dakota who handles claims for Bad Faith Insurance in Rapid City area has seen a lot of various cases for which the client had a successful claim. Here are some reasons that may warrant you such a claim.


• When the insurance company delays, denies or discounts payment to the insured without a valid reason for doing such, that company is acting in bad faith. The insured may need to get a lawyer to recover funds in a timely manner.

• If the insurer fails or neglects to conduct a proper and thorough investigation, thereby resulting in non-payment of a claim, the insured is acting in bad faith in this case.

• If the insurance company refuses, or for some other reason, neglects to settle the claim of the insured for a reasonable amount, that is also acting in bad faith. The insured will need to sue to recover.

• If the insurance company delays financial responsibility by requiring either the insured or his or her physician to file a preliminary claim and a formal proof of loss claim (and both documents are the same information), this is also a bad faith act.

Beardsley, Jensen & Von Wald are lawyers who have been representing clients with bad faith claims for over a century of combined experience. If you feel that your insurance company is acting in a bad way, or that you have a valid Bad Faith Insurance claim, you owe it to yourself to jump on it right away. Every situation is different, so do not base what happened to another on what may happen to you. If you need an attorney who handles claims for bad faith insurance in Rapid City, South Dakota, you can reach them at