Garden Bench Plans Building Your Own Outdoor Projects


By Dan Lazaj

Having garden benches in your backyard, patio or porch is a great way to sit, relax, and enjoy the day. They are also great for guest when entertaining.

Building your own outdoor garden bench can be a fun weekend project. Building outdoor projects for your garden, porch, or patio is a great way to sharpen your woodworking skills. First step is to find some plans for the style of bench you want. Next gather your tools and material, and now you are ready to build your own garden bench.

If you are a beginner builder this project might seem difficult. Building this project yourself is quite simple with the help of some illustrated step by step plans. You can find lots of bench plans online for free, there are also sites were you can purchase these plans. Bookstores, libraries and magazines are also a good source for finding plans. Having a material list for the project is a good way to get an idea how much you will need to spend.


Do your research when choosing the type of wood you will use. Pressure treated wood is great to prevent rot and decay from the weather. Cedar and redwood is another great choice of wood, it will cost more, but the end results will be nicer, and it will last for many many years.

Benches can be build in many different styles and sizes, and decorated or painted in a variety of ways. Painting or staining will give it a nice touch, and make your bench last longer. You can also choose just to let it weather to get a rustic silver look. Keep in mind if you paint, the paint will eventually peel and flake, requiring touch ups to keep it looking nice. Stain which is available in many tones, will require less maintenance.

Most benches are light and can easily tip over when children are climbing them, or if an adult flings back to much. To prevent accidents look for galvanized iron brackets to anchor your bench to the ground.

Be safe when building your projects. Many of the tools required are sharp or are power tools that can cause injury. If you are a beginner start by reading the tool manual and following the safety cautions. Keep your power tools dry and make sure to plug them in grounded electrical outlets. Keep your fingers away from power blades. When you are working with small pieces of wood make sure to clamp them, instead of holding them. Wear eye and ear protection. Over time power tools can cause eye and ear damage, make sure you take precautions to avoid injuries. When changing blades on your power tools always make sure it is unplugged.

If you are looking for a hobby, woodworking is great. If you are just beginning, start by building some simple outdoor garden projects such as a garden bench. By having detailed plans and following the steps you are sure to build some nice looking outdoor projects. As your skills progress, you can take on more sophisticated projects. Indeed woodworking can be a hobby with great rewards.

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