How To Get Your Dogs To Sleep In Dog Beds

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How to Get Your Dogs to Sleep In Dog Beds



Getting dogs to use dog beds will be trouble-free or quite a chore. Determined by when you start training dogs to use dog beds you could discover it to be an easy thing to teach or one that will have you considering sleeping in a dog bed yourself.

Most dog owners get dog beds the minute they buy a dog. If you start teaching your dog to snooze on a dog bed from their very first night at home you may realize that it’s a great deal easier than training a dog that was sleeping somewhere else.

A new dog should be invited to his bed at night. You can call the dog over to the bed and persuade him to lay down. If they get off the bed to go to sleep somewhere else bring them back to the bed. You might have to keep doing this until they fall asleep. Normally they will get into the practice of sleeping on dog beds after one or two evenings.


How to Get Your Dogs off of Your Bed and onto Dog Beds

Dogs used to slumbering in human beds could be more difficult to train to sleep on dog beds. They have been taught that it s normal to snooze in a people bed and might not grasp why suddenly they re supposed to be sleeping on another bed.

You should be particular how you teach dogs to snooze on dog beds. If the reason that you want the dog to snooze on a dog bed is that you’re not single anymore, you need to be sure that that the dog doesn’t begin to resent the other person. You need to make dog beds look like a reward and not a punishment.

You can begin by giving the dog a dog snack anytime they lay on the dog bed. Even if it s not to sleep, anytime the dog goes onto the dog bed you should reward him or her with a dog snack and encouraging words.

Slowly you should begin getting the dog to snooze on the dog bed. Dog beds could be set by your bed so they feel close to you. You can move the dog beds later if you don t want them right next to your bed for some reason.

Encourage the dog to lay on the dog bed and give him a treat. Pet them and rub their bellies or anything else they like. They ll start to equate the dog bed with rewards. You ll have to be strong whenever the dog attempts to leave the dog bed and in your bed.

If they get off the dog bed and walk to your bed tell them No in a firm voice and point them back to their bed. Do not offer them a treat but give them positive words of encouragement. If you give them a treat when they leave your bed and go onto the other bed they might link your bed with the cookie.

It can take a couple nights or even a couple weeks before your dog is trained to snooze on dog beds. Once they get familiar with dog beds you must never encourage them to get back onto your bed or you can mix up your dog.

Go ahead and pick out dog beds comfortable and large enough for your dogs and begin to coach them how to snooze on their bed.

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