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Preface: Overheating problem is a general phenomenon for drivers. But what degree of heat is normal , and how to minimize the risk of overheating problems. Continuing to the latter article The Overheat Problems For Stepper Motor

The following is a simple analysis.

The reasons of overheating problems for stepper motor is affected by iron losses, copper losses, even affected by material, current, frequency, voltage. So the overheating problem is showed by iron losses and copper losses. Moreover, AC motor frequency of occurrence of fever is relatively high. But as we said according to the latter essay, the reasonable range of the heating of the stepper motor depends on the degree to which the motor is hot, depending on the internal insulation level of the motor.

Internal insulation performance is at high temperatures (as long as the internal temperature does not exceed 130? degrees, the motor will not be damaged, so the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees or stepper motor surface temperature is at 70-80 degrees , which are normal temperature for stepper motor.

The simple skills to test the temperature are as following.

Drivers can touch it within 1-2 seconds if the temperature is under 60?. But please just touch it quickly if the temperature is between 70-80?. Drop a few drops of water quickly gasification, then more than 90 degrees.

But the overheating status is also connected to the speed. Stepper motor heating is with the speed of constant change to maintain constant torque output.

Speed to a certain extent, the motor internal back EMF increased. then, The current will gradually decline, the torque will drop automatically.

The solutions of overheating problems for stepper motor.

Solution 1

Increasing the iron losses/copper losses is a good way to avoid the overheating problems. So we can reduce current and resistance. We should choose a small resistance and small current rating of the motor when we decide to purchase it. For two-phase motors, the parallel motor can be used without a parallel motor, but this is often in conflict with the requirements of torque and high speed.

Solution 2

For a motor that has been selected, we should take advantage of the drives automatic half-flow control function and offline functions. The former automatically reduces the current when the motor is in static state. The latter one, we can cut off current directly.

Solution 3

Besides, Segment the drive current waveform close to the sine, If the harmonic less, the motor will be less heat. Increasing the iron losses is also related to the voltage.

High-voltage drive motor will bring high-speed characteristics of the upgrade but increasing the overheating problems.

Solution 4

Choosing the appropriate drive-voltage-grade, Taking into account the high band, smoothness and overheating problems, noise and other indicators

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