The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Rhinoplasty

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Submitted by: Dr Ahnsup Kim

One of the most famous cosmetic procedures that are done every year is rhinoplasty or what is commonly known as a nose job. When you find discontentment in the shape and structure of your nose, usually it can be hard not to be bothered by it. Being one of the prominent facial features, it is daintily situated in the middle which can easily grab attention. That is why to change dramatically the look of the nose once and for all; some people subject themselves to nose surgery procedure.

There is nothing really wrong with making nasal alterations to the physical structure of the nose. In fact it is everyone s prerogative whatever they choose to have done with it. They can elongate, straighten, minimize the size or improve its angulation. So why then is someone always criticized when they get a nose job?

The reason for this is that people see it to be a little too vain. But then again who are we to judge if these people think that it is necessary to do some enhancements to their nose. If a large nasal structure or a small one puts off the balance of the face, then they are entitled to make the necessary improvements; especially when they are constantly taunted or ridiculed about it. Rhinoplasty is indeed a good solution for a nose that has grown out of proportion and also to improve the person s self-esteem and confidence.


Besides on improving the look of your nose, nose job can also be used as a remedy to breathing problems, especially for those caused by structural deformities. It repairs obstruction and deviations of the internal nasal parts.

However as much as this procedure hold so much promise in improving the appearance and function of the nose, some people push cosmetic nose surgery to the limits. They have it done and redone until such time that they end up with a very bad nose job. A sad and classic example is the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Some people obsess about it that they end up almost shaving their nose off their faces.

When people have gone far and beyond cosmetic surgery in general, this is when the ugly starts. Instead of improving the way they look, these people just end up making themselves look worse. In addition to this, they also make themselves vulnerable to the list of risks and complications involved with the procedure. This includes bleeding, infection and a change in sensation.

Since it is highly invasive, there are chances that you could experience delayed healing or ugly scarring. In worst cases some nose job results show an uneven nasal structure.

Even though it is particularly done to improve the look and function of the nose, a poorly done rhinoplasty can result to the exact opposite to these benefits. That is why it is very critical to the success of the surgery to look for a good surgeon who can perform this procedure well. Nose job cost can takes you back thousands of dollars, which is why you need to make the most out of it by looking for a surgeon who is skilled and experienced to perform this highly delicate and intricate cosmetic surgery.

A nose job can definitely create a significant improvement to your face but one wrong move or a lack of proper postoperative care can result to a poor outcome. It is necessary to stress the importance of finding a good surgeon because this critical step can make or break the success of a rhinoplasty surgery.

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