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Often times oven cleaning turns into a hassle and becomes bothersome because you lack the knowledge and resources. Acquiring those can be a pain, especially when you consider all of the drawbacks that many store-bought products possess.

If you arent lucky enough to own a self-cleaning oven, then you will need to look for alternatives. When you require a thoroughly cleaned oven and you feel like you have run out of options, you need to consider some rather unusual methods for cleaning that people have tested and found somewhat effective. Of course, the said methods wouldnt be unusual if they didnt revolve around using household items. Take note of these solutions and try cleaning your oven with them the next time you meet difficulties with this chore:

Vodka who would have thought that this cocktail staple could be used for such a chore? And no, it has nothing to do with using it to numb the frustration you get from dealing with this duty. One of the cleaning properties of vodka has to do with shining chrome components and glass. You can pour it on a cloth and use it to spruce up the oven door. Now, dont expect miracles from vodka, if your appliance hasnt seen a cleaning service in quite some time. Rather, you can use it in between cleanings.

Ammonia cleaning with ammonia has long been looked down upon, depending on who you ask. Those that have tried report great success. This is how it is done: after cooking a dish in the oven, pour half a cup of ammonia in a bowl and place it in the oven after it has cooled down. Leave it inside overnight and then return to scrub the easy-to-remove spoils inside. You can also use it to clean racks soak them in ammonia solution and find out just how easy it is to wipe the accumulated grease and other sticky food residue.

Baking soda this method is becoming more and more popular for a good reason: according to pretty much everyone who has tested it, it really works wonders. Mix enough baking soda and water in a bowl to make a spreadable paste and use it to coat the interior. Let it sit overnight, wipe down and enjoy an oven that looks as good as new. It is cheap, relatively easy and completely safe. Baking soda, unlike many of the commercial products, is completely safe for your health and the environment as well.

Salt dont scrub the oven interior with salt, despite what some cleaning guides advice. Instead, sprinkle salt on fresh food spills to make them easy to remove later on. A simple trick as this will save you a whole ton of trouble.

Tin foil not so much a cleaning tip as more a means for prevention, tin foil can be used to prevent spills and stains during cooking. Place a sheet on the oven rack below the one you are cooking on, where dishes can bubble over. Dont place foil on the oven floor, as it may cause uneven heat distribution.

These are all unusual, but somewhat effective methods that aim to make oven cleaning easier for you. Implement them all and see what best works for you.

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