Everything To Consider When Buying Mulch


byAlma Abell

There is more to buying mulch in San Diego, CA then just buying the cheapest available mulch. There are other things to consider such as the landscaping needs, soil type and whether to go with organic or inorganic mulch. Price should only be considered after these other considerations have been taken.

Landscaping Options


For landscaping needs, the idea is pretty simple. Some of the mulch types like shredded hardwoods are better for keeping down weed growth. Other mulch types like pine straw are great for plants that require a little more acidity in the water. There is also the more permanent options such as the chipped rubber or plastic. Each type of much has its own list of benefits which help to make it stand out from the other types of mulch.

Type of Soil Matters

The soil type also plays a huge role when selecting mulch in San Diego, CA. If the goal is to use mulch to not only provide protection but to also add to soil enrichment, then the obvious choice should be the organic type mulch. Inorganic mulch may last a long time, but it actually provides no benefit to the soil itself.

Weather Considerations

Finally, there is the choice of whether or not to go with an organic option for mulch. A few of the more popular options for organic mulch include pine straw, tree bark, leaves, shredded hardwood mulch, newspaper, etc. The inorganic option for mulch include rubber mulch, black plastic, black plastic, etc. More and more people are turning towards the organic option for mulch though.

Organic Options

Organic mulch does much more than just protect the soil. It can also help in channeling of water to reduce the effects of erosion. It can lessen the force of the water on the soil underneath. In addition to aiding in the channeling of water, it can also provide nutritional benefits to the soil as it slowly decomposes. Organic mulch like bark and pine straw have benefits such as increasing the pH levels of the soil. Some plants thrive with a higher pH level.

As can be seen here, there are a lot of decisions to be made when choosing the right type of mulch to go with. Choosing the right mulch can make a huge difference in the overall health of the landscaped plants.Greatsoil DBA Peirano Topsoils offers a variety of quality mulch in San Diego, CA.