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Michael Douglas (born September 25, 1944, 10:30 AM in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA) is a Libra rising with Ascendant degree at 22 degrees and 14 minutes according to Vedic Astrology. Michael Douglas has a tumor in his throat. He will undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, and his doctors expect him to make a complete recovery. First the devastating news about his son Cameron Douglas came, back in April this year, when a judge sentenced Michael Douglas son on drug charges to five years in prison. Now Michael Douglas has a throat tumor, and these unfortunate events have happened in Michael Douglas life when he is going through Jupiter Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti in his Vedic Astrology chart.

In Michael Douglas case Jupiter rules 3rd house which represents throat and 5th house (eldest child, entertainment business, ability to fight a disease), and Jupiter is in 10th house in Leo sign in close conjunction with the Badhaka Planet Mercury, and they both are in 8th lord (Surgery, Accidents) Venuss Nakshatra. Also both Jupiter and Mercury are badly aspected by Saturns third aspect from the 8th house. At present Michael Douglas is going through Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Bhukti, and Venus Anthara, when the news about his throat tumor became public. Transit Jupiter this year is badly aspected by transit Saturn, and Saturn is a planet that plays a major role in tumors, and Cancer disease. So the affliction of transit Jupiter by transit Saturn during Jupiter Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti played a major role in unfortunate results for the affairs connected with third house (throat tumor) and 5th house (eldest sons imprisonment) as Jupiter rules 3rd house and 5th house in Michael Douglas astrology chart.


One more thing I observed in Michael Douglas astrology chart, that he has two very important planets Mars and Sun in 11th house in their own Nakshatras. Mars rules the second house (money, his voice) and 7th house (marriage, partnership), and Sun rules the 10th house of career. In 1980 Michael Douglas had a skiing accident, which stalled his career for three years while Saturn was transiting Virgo sign for three years over his natal Mars and natal Sun. Now after 30 years Saturn is again transiting same sign Virgo in his chart. Next couple of years will be a very sensitive time for Michael Douglas as Saturn during Saturn Bhukti will be transiting over his natal Mars which rules his money, voice and marriage, and natal Sun which rules his career. These areas of his life will be affected in the coming years. The Jupiter / Mercury period from Oct 2011 to Feb 2014 will be another very sensitive period as Mercury is the Badhaka planet and is in close conjunction with Jupiter the mahadasha lord. Also transit Saturn will be hovering over the natal position of ascendant lord Venus in Libra sign. The saving grace is that Jupiter rules the 5th house of cure should give Michael Douglas a strong ability to fight the throat tumor.

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