Revision Rhinoplasty: You Should Go For It To Correct The Faults Of Primary Rhinoplasty And Get The Desired Nose:



A patient who is not delighted or satisfied with the look of his nose after a nose job can consider undergoing revision rhinoplasty. Most of the times the patient is happy with the look of his nose after the surgery is performed. Before the surgery is performed the surgeon and the patient discuss about the results that will be seen after the operation. The patient must let his surgeon know about his expectations about the look of his nose after the surgery. In the rarest of cases, the patient still remains dissatisfied after the nose job; in cases such as these he has to look for an experienced surgeon who will be able able to fix the nose job gone wrong.


As the nose is located at the center of the face, it is difficult to ignore any visible deformities in it. Revision rhinoplasty has to be sought for in order to remove the scars or fix the errors that had cropped up after primary rhinoplasty. Primary nose jobs are performed with full precision to give a desired nose to the patient but sometimes the patient is not satisfied with the look that he gets after the surgery. One may opt for a revision of the nose because he is not happy with the way it looks and wants to get back to the nose before the surgery was performed or he is having difficulty in adjusting to the look of new nose. In most of the cases the patient does not return to the surgeon who performed his nose job to fix these errors. This is simply because he does not trust him any longer to do the job rightly; This makes it hard for surgeons performing secondary rhinoplasty as they have to first make the patient trust them and then explain to them about the measures that should be taken to fix the nose. The surgeon should be experienced to deal with a nose that has already been altered before and have the qualification to make his patient satisfied. His experience can come into test as no two faces are the same nor do two people have the same facial structure.

There are many surgeons who perform revision rhinoplasty. Los Angeles surgeons believe that a nose job not done well can lead to a lot of emotional distress. They ensure to their patients that they will not have to face difficulties any further. These patients are hard to convince as they have spent quite a sum to get a nose job done. Once they gain the confidence of the patients, its their skill to fix a bad nose job that finally comes into test.